SOTA with grandson

The coming week, starting 25/7/16, I will be activating SOTA summits in DM and OK.
My grandson Samuel PA4SAM will join me. This is a very special trip for both of us.
Samuel is now a 20 year old student at the Technical University. When he was 4 years old he build, with a little help, a crystal set. Later I trained him for the Novice and Full Licencense and he became PA4SAM. This is his first SOTA activation. Please listen out for us.
Samuel will work in SSB with a FT-817, 5 W into a Delta Loop and I work in CW with my KX1, 3 W into a W3EDP. See further the Alerts.
We hope to work many Chasers.
73 de Geert PA7ZEE es Samuel PA4SAM.


look forwards to that one.

karl 73s

Hello Geert,
What region are you going to ?
I’ll be activating a few summits myself next week 25-29 july, but I’m on holiday in Daun, with “non ham” friends, so has to be seen in how much SOTA activity I can trick them …
I’ll probably do ON-024 and 025 on monday, and then if possible DM/RP-001/002/003 during that week. I’ll put up alerts as soon as I know where and when …
Would be great to have a S2S contact with you or Samuel, or even meet “live”
(we met briefly at the QSL wall in FH)
73 en veel geluk met Samuel’s “SOTA DOOP” ! hi

Hi Geert,

I’d be very interest to hear how the Delta Loop works out as a portable antenna - I believe you will need to put up at least two masts, if not three to support it. I guess it’ll be a 20m Delta loop as if it were a 40m one it’d be very large for a portable antenna! Unfortunately it is unlikely that I will hear you from DM or OK on 20m (skip distance) but I’ll try if I see you spotted, you never know.

73 Ed.

Hi Geert
Always good to get the youngsters involved, I look forward to hearing & working you both.
Best Wishes Ken G0FEX

Dr OM Luc,
See the Alerts. We hope for S2S.
73 de geert pa7zee es samuel pa4sam

Dr OM Ed,
We use a 20 m Delta Loop corner fed, with abt 11 m twinlead and a balun to the T1 tuner from Elecraft. Works fb on 20- and 40 m. Hoisted in the top via a tree or the mini mast 10 m DX-Wire.
hpe 2 wrk u ed.
73 de geert pa7zee es samuel pa4sam

Geert, if you are around Plzeň (Pilsen), let me know!

Hi Geert,
based on your alerts, your trip looks great. Enjoy!
I like the Czech part of the Erzgebirge too. I feel very “remote” over there.
Lars (Dresden)

Hoi Geert,
Wat leuk dat je met je kleinzoon op pad gaat! Ik hoop je te werken!
Veel plezier!

Nice you make a trip with your grandson. I hope to work you both.

Great to get Sam on a S2S today. Thanks very much.
EI/IW-036 Knockmore, clare island
David (EJ7GEB/p)

Hi SOTA Friends.
Today was our last activation day in OK. We had a lot of rain and thunderstorm. Reason that we did not complete our whole plan.
Many thanks to all the Chasers. Aspecialy thanks to the Chasers who placed a Spot on SOTAwatch as there were EA2DT, G8VNW, YO9YUL, EA2LU and PA0INA. The top Chaser was SA4BLM who placed four times a spot; Fantastic!!
Tomorrow we will end our SOTA tour in DM/HE and hope to work you all again. See the Alerts for information.
73 de geert pa7zee es samuel pa4sam.


Just a shame conditions dire to me at moment.

Did look and listen out for you folks but propagation was not allowing it .


Hi Geert & Samuel,

I did listen for your stations but didn’t hear a whisper.
Conditions are really poor from here to parts of Germany at the moment.
Even OK (Tjech Repulbic) is poor and which is normally not a problem from my location.

Hope to hear you today and wishes a nice trip and dry weather :wink:

73 de Pascal / PA1BR