SOTA with Flex Gear?

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A friend of mine is considering SOTA and POTA Activating in 2024 using a Flex 3000 Transceiver, portable. I told him I thought if he did that it would probably be a first in SOTA as I don’t believe any activator has used Flex equipment on a summit. Is this correct?

73 Phil G4OBK

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So he’ll need a laptop with him to run SmartSDR, just setting himself up for more things to hump up the hill and something else to go wrong I should think but will be very interesting to see how it works out.



He’s not a seasoned activator Declan, and he lives in York. I sold him an SK friends Tennamast last month, that’s how I know him. He’s probably thinking about the drive on G/TW-004, which is a 30 minute drive out from his home QTH. I must remind him about the “not in vehicle rule and not in any way attached to it or the battery”!

He also bought the SKs Flex 3000, as he is an enthusiastic user of the things, he has several models, unlike me. I like a physical front panel with knobs on! :grinning:

73 Phil G4OBK


Indeed Phil, I like to keep things as simple as possible remembering the old mountaineering maxim Fast , Light and Lucky :slight_smile:


Yes, the good thing about G/TW-004 is you can carry more gear there, like a 100 watt TX if you like. I did RSGB CW NFD from up there, although I only used an Elecraft KX3 to comply with the low power sustainable six hour section, I erected a 12m high guyed aluminium mast to support a 250 feet top fed with 300 ohm twin, a Thinkpad Laptop and a large sun umbrella for shelter and I operated as G2CP/P. I wouldn’t have used any of that apart from the KX3 had I had to walk more than 25 metres!

73 Phil


I used a few time a Flex 1500 with Microsoft Surface in Sota activities, no problems included in a cold days.

The setup works but It ins’t the best choice IMO because you must start Windows and software, connect all the cables, etc.