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SOTA watches (part 2)

Coming from this automatically closed thread:

Here it’s is the part 2, in case we want to keep this ball rolling.


Hi !

Anyone knows of a watch that has a thermometer that can be used for air and water temperature ?

No need of other fancy features…

73, Patrick

Hi Patrick,
My CASIO can measure air and water temperature. I’ve done it several times.
You can see it in the part 1 SOTA Watches thread.



Here are my favorites

73, Mario DJ2MX

My parcel didn’t arrive yesterday. At 7pm I received a telephone call saying that there was a problem with the package, the contents were missing. I stated that I was only expecting a watch strap so the package would probably be very light. My ‘empty’ package appeared whilst I was out on G/NP-005 today, and it did actually contain my watch strap!

I had to wear my other watch for SOTA today.

New strap now fitted. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, that’s why I couldn’t copy your signals. :wink:

I started to use my phone to give me the time on SOTA activations, but unfortunately the battery died two days in succession during the outing last month, despite it being carried inside a pocket. No problem since though, so I suspect a new battery is required. Thankfully I did have a watch with me. :slight_smile:

Sorry that my signals weren’t making it to you Gerald, next time I’ll wear my SOTA watch now that it has been recommissioned!

I was pleased to get several G stations in my log today, 80m was definitely worth trying. I really do need to get an antenna for 60m sorted.

Hi all
Specialy for Patrick TK5EP !
He need temp for air and water !
I find that https://www.amazon.fr/Docooler-Thermomètre-Multi-fonction-Rétroéclairage-Prévisions/dp/B01LYKJ9FV/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1548339033&sr=8-24&keywords=montres+compas+thermometre
quite on the range with, sorry, altimeter but water proof at 3ATM
73 Eric F5JKK

Thanks Eric,

Will consider such a device. The only user report isn’t that good though…
The same brand produces a wristwatch with same features and better water resistance.

But reports are also bad…

A CASIO watch would be a fair solution, but they cost an arm and a leg ! And i will probably lose it…
I can’t remember the last time i wore a watch, probably for my Communion. !! HI HI :grinning::joy:

73, Patrick.

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I’ll be trying this watch out on my next activation. No navigation or temperature options, just basic time measurement.


This looks like a good SOTA Watch. Not suitable for Scotland though.

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hi Andy
If you go back to south France you can try this, you need sun :wink:


73 Eric F5JKK

Eric, I have a pocket sundial Mrs. FMF bought me 18years ago as a Christmas present. It’s been attached to my house keys and key ring and in my pocket just about every day since. I should be down in the South next October for sure. If I can get down earlier I will. My sister and brother-in-law spoil me with so much good food and wine that I’d be silly not visit whenever I can. :wink: