SOTA Watch3 - Operator ID Not Recognized

Greetings all,

When logged into SOTA Watch3 I can scan the alerts …
when my mouse high lights a call sign there operator ID
and Summit information … pop up in small window.

When High lighting any of my person alerts my Operator ID
comes back as NOT RECOGNIZED.

Where do I add or correct my information for Watch3 to also
recognized my Operator ID or Nick name ?

Sorry, if this has been posted somewhere in the forums… and I
did a search with nothing popping up …

Thanks All !

N3BZ - Robert
W7A - AZ Goat

Go to the Account Profile from the drop-down menu with your username, and set up your name and Callsign fields

It may take a little while to catch up, and existing spots will not be updated, but future ones should work.

this takes me to keycloak application …
yes, under edit account - while logged into watch3 I have populated these fields already.
But, still does not reflect operator ID being recognized.

So I used superuser privileges to go in and impersonate you, then created a test Alert and the operator was recognised as “robert”, so it is fixed.

Anything existing will still say “Unrecognized” - the operator lookup occurs when you enter a new alert, not when the mouseover occurs. If this is an issue for you, you can edit the alert and this will update all the fields.


You Da man … works great !
thanks !!!

Can I update this and it will still worky ?

Also, in W7A we have more then couple of people same problem.
Any fix we can do from this end ?

Thanks again !

N3BZ - Robert

Updating Operator ID works great also - post fix.

N3BZ - Robert

Any update to the profile will propagate. If it doesn’t work, it’s a bug, so let me know.

Just go to the Profile, update it, and the changes will push to the database used by spots engine.