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Sota watch page


Slight problem with me sota watch page.
Some unknown reason has signed me out and can not find me password.

Any assistance please

Thank you

Hi Karl,

Have you tried logging in on the Reflector page? There you can select “I forgot my password” and you will probably be sent an e-mail solving the problem.

73, Sylvia

Hi syliva.

Thanks for the advise but the reflector page is fine.
Its just the spotting page and alert seemed to be signed out.
am terrible with pass words etc.

But give it a go any ways

Thank you for your help


Karl this is very easy to fix. At the top of every reflector page is this menu:

Click the FAQs link.

The first item in the FAQ is:

The SOTA website is found from the same menu as the FAQ (it’s the same website in fact).

Click the About link and read the page to see who does what and you can click their link to send them a request.

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Right dropped message to Don.

Man if I was last person to save the world via a computer, we be well and truly DOOMED.

Thanks again

I know the feeling, Karl, computers don’t come naturally to me, too!


Who’s Don?


It done the same to me a few days ago, was locked out for a couple of hours - so just had a coffee and watched some rubbish of the telly then tried again and it was fine.

Karl obviously never went to discos when he was younger… doesn’t know his D from his J. :wink:


ooops sorry there Jon :flushed:

And your right never did enjoy the DJ or disco :scream:
Too busy screaming down up the country on me small motor cycle I had at time :scream:

But did manage to sort out the data base side, Got that sorted again.
Will try and sort out the Sota watch page on alerts and spots.


Big thanks to Jon and his E mail this morning :smiley:

Been sorted.

Happy bunny again :smile: