SOTA Watch 503 error

I appear to be getting 503 Service Unavailable error accessing ?


Database also unavailable. It’s the Single Sign On that’s failing. Come on Andy @MM0FMF!

same error here


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We are working on it guys… hang on.


Back up and running now. We are not yet sure what caused the outage, but are investigating. Sorry for the trouble.


Good now. Thanks. For a few short minutes, we were forced to LISTEN for activators. Hihi.


32min outage and it’s only Jan 6th.

It was the SSO system that was not playing. SSO is what handles logins and allows you to login once then jump between DB, SOTAwatch,, SOTA maps and lots of other things without having to login all the time.

When SSO doesn’t work, none of the web sites can verify who you are and what permissions you have. It’s so important we run two SSO servers in parallel and a load balance to spread the work. The jury is out on what caused both servers to not be reachable. We will do some more digging and see what it was .


Thank you for your hard work!



Good luck with the investigations. Cheers for restarting the network pixies

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The servers stopped processing traffic from the LB around 15:45 UTC and started receiving requests again at 16:34 UTC. The servers were able to talk to each other as once the troubleshooting began, the logs showed cache communications between them, and shortly after Andy and Josh bounced the servers, something unwedged and requests started to flow again.

There was a brief spike in connections to the LB prior to the increase in load, and it’s possible this pushed the systems into a weird state. The SSO software we use is particularly verbose so it’s unusual to see nothing in the logs for 30+ minutes.

We’ll continue to monitor and observe.


Thanks to the hard working IT folks here who keep the system running!

I was schooled this morning on how much I depend on spots, my own and those of other activators. 15 meters was so quiet today that perfectly copiable signals were not moving the s meter. And my rbn spots looked good.
N6AN RBN 1_6_23

Then the system stopped. Despite many CQs I couldn’t raise anyone until the system was restored.
My guess is that the combination of the solar minimum/poor conditions, wsjt-x modes, and other factors has reduced the number of hams tuning the bands. My 5 watt signal is a factor, of course.
What amazes me is who can hear me when they know where to listen. Thanks, Chasers!

72, David N6AN