Loving the new SOTA watch3 beta and the settings tab that shows me just the mode.
Would it be possible to implement another ‘tab’ that would let you choose the band. I would find this most useful when tracking just 2m ssb contacts for example. Of course you could default to all modes all bands. - Just a thought. Regards Paul (M0TVU)

Hi Paul,
Alerts in SW3 already has a HF vs VHF split:

SW3 Spots at the moment does not.

Not many people realise it but the SOTA Mapping Project also covers Spots with a whole range of selection and mapping options!!

another option is to use this site: SOTAwatch Filter

Or there’s also this one: SOTLAS

73 Ed.

This feature was already requested here:

I guess as long as SW3 is in beta stage no new features will be added. But there are other options as mentioned.

That’s not true, it’s much more to do with our time than whether its beta or not! (eg, we added the persistent mode selection feature)

Sorry Andrew my statement is of course wrong. What I ment was that it is already suggested and when the time is right it will happen.

Thanks for all the hard work that goes into software development.