Sota w5/pw-027

Station set up: ATS3B at 3 watts, and inverted vee 20 mtr dipole, apex about 20 feet, deployed on eastern slope so signal bias to the east. This is a 9,000 ft mountain, visible from my home, and very steep. Complete set-up weighs 20 ounces. Ran up it, and operated for about an hour. QSO’s: VA7FUN, N2UU, AB9CA, N7RC, N2AA, WA5TCZ, I8DVJ, VA2SG, I8QJU, KG8YT, WA3WSJ, DL3MDJ,VE2JCW, and N7UN.

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Great results!



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Congrats. At first copy, a bunch of DL and G and I were sending their calls but I realized they were probably calling somebody else on same freq. I thought Gee! This ATS3 is a real powerhouse!

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Hi Fred…great job…now we’re having “FUN”. May be a typo or my newbie fist on the paddle…but first in was VA6FUN…not VA7. Tnx fer being there…lots of QSB and QRM on freq made for tough cpy into Alberta…but we made the trip!
P.S. I’d love to get my hands on a ATS-4…maybe if someone trades up to a 4…I could buy their ATS-3B for my kayaking/island trips!(hint, hint)


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Hi again Fred…finally figured out how to look at activator log entries and noticed you logged our QSO as me being a VA7…I’m a VA6! Tried to e-mail you using address but it must be out of date as it was kicked back to me as invalid. Hope you see this so we can get the log entry corrected…Take care and have “FUN”! Tnx again for being there!