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I am aware that the SOTA regional Association has changed leadership. I have been aware from HAM for awhile with health problems. Now that I am able to walk the woods again and such I am unable to find a W3 specific site. Help?

Mike - W3MJM

What are you looking for Mike?

Richard // N2GBR (
W3 Association Manager.

Good to hear your health is improving.

So go here: SOTA Database

Select “W3 - USA” from the associations dropdown menu, then select the region from the regions drop down. You can find details of the 270 or so W3 summits.

Or go here: and select “Associations and Summits” from the links at the top then scroll down the list and click W3.

Richard - N2GBR

Good morning, Sir. There was a SOTA W3 website that listed all things W3. Have you - has the new management team resurrected or created such a site?

Thanx for your response.

Mike - W3MJM

Mike that was a personal web-site set up byt the prior Association manager. Everything you need is available from the links Andy provided above. If you want some more information you can contact me directly via email and if I’ve done the summit I can probably give you more clues… but I usually add some notes on access and cell-phone coverage if I’ve done the summit already…

Richard // N2GBR


Thank you. Will ask for help. Before my illness, I explored eight summits in south Western PA and north Western Maryland. Planning a deployment has always been part of the fun.

Mike - W3MJM

I’ll be in the Philly area for Christmas, do you have any summit recommendations in the area?
I’m in good hiking shape, but I’ll probably be with family if I get in an activation.

Hi Jeff

Philly is FLAT. You have to head my direction (Northwest) to get to the nearest summits. PM me. The summits closest to Philly are my local summits.

Glenn AB3TQ