SOTA W3 Association Soon!

Hello all,

I would like to introduce myself to all. My name is Ed Breneiser, WA3WSJ. I’m working on a SOTA W3 Association. I have about two weeks of work to finish and then I’ll submit the paperwork. The W3 Association or the 3-Call Area has three states in it - Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. There will be lots of summits to work in this association. More to come…


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Welcome Ed ! We look forward to be able to work the W3 area. Keep an ear out for all the NA SOTA associations on Nov 14th … maybe we can work you !


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Way to go Ed! Get this paperwork rolling! Why not operate from a W3 hill somewhere (I know you like it), would it be only for practice and give us a shout?
72 Grrr

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Or even better, you ativate a W2 mountain near ur QTH.


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Hi, Ed.

Can I just say… GRRRRRRREAT to see your posting here.

It’s great to see you getting involved in SOTA, I wish you the very best of luck getting W3 organization going.

I thoroughly enjoyed hiking to the Catfish fire tower up on the Appalachian Trail during “Camp Run-Amok” with you and others a few years ago for polar bear moonlight madness. Fariba says ‘Hi!’ too…

I hope you can be part of the multi-activation on November 14th!


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Hi Ed,

Congratulations for your work for W3 SOTA.

I have a little resquest:
Please, in your futur ARM, give summits altitude in feet AND METERS.
Of course, US activators are not familiar with meters, but here in Europe, we do are; and this will avoid problems when I will be using softwares reading summits altitude in foreign documents. Thanks !

Hope to hear you soon from summits

73 Alain F6ENO

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Hi Ed, i have checked your details on QRZ and it looks like your the man to set up W3, good luck and i hope to work you. Sean M0GIA

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I didn’t think about displaying meters too. Yes, you are correct many in Europe will appreciate the meter listing for altitude. I will have to delete the county column and then I’ll insert a meter column in the tables. The W3 Association will have about 1600 summits. This will cause a delay of a few days for me to submit paperwork, but well worth it.


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Thanks Ed !
Good luck for the work.

73 Alain