SOTA Video on Ham Nation Podcast

On the March 6th episode of Ham Nation, a short video about my New Year’s road trip with my son Jason, KR7JAS was presented as part of the show. It begins around an hour and ten minutes into the show and runs about 4 minutes. Jason had produced a video previously and they asked him to edit it to remove music, and include audio narration, as the show audio is sometimes broadcast on repeaters and also via audio-only podcast.

You can see the Ham Nation version at:
[AMECO Is Back!]

And his original music-included version at
[Summits on the Air -Southwestern US - YouTube]

I had posted about the original version a while back, but thought some might be interested to hear about the Ham Nation version.

Keith KR7RK



Great video by Jason! I listened to the hamnation audio podcast earlier today. Glad to hear it again and see the video. Great trip/video of you guys spending some quality time together! Thanks for sharing the links!


Hi Keith, Just watched the video! Your son did a great job. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable SOTA trip with your son and I am sure you are very proud of him. I enjoyed my Arizona trip and was fortunate to meet you and Dave on the Mt Lemmon activation. My wife and I plan to take another Southern Appalachians trip this spring. Lots of fun! Bob AC1Z