SOTA-Video OE/ST-172

Hi @ all!

Here the url of Hochblaser OE/ST-172

Enjoy it! :wink:

73 de Chris OE5HCE

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Hello Christian,

Thanks for the nice video and music.
Beautiful surroundings with fauna and flora over there. We are jealous … Ooooo … had we here such beautiful mountains ! I think we are born in the wrong place … hihi :slight_smile:
Happy to hear myself and my good friend Rudy ON4CMT from the other side. Rudy QTH about 20 km from my QTH. We are members of the same club UBA and sektion HRT. I had informed Rudy by our local club QRG 145.475 that you were QRV.
The HF rig here is TS570D(G) with FD4 antenna about 12 m up.
Untill next video and SOTA activation.
Cu and be careful ! Suc-6.


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Hi Christian,

Great movie, as usual! Seeing your pictures makes me crave for yet another activation! The bad weather forecast for this weekend will keep me grounded.

73 Heinz

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Very nice video Chris, many thanks !

73 Alain F6ENO