SOTA VHF in Croatia

Given the possibility that we may be over the worst of the current pandemic, herself fancies heading off on a break this year and has mentioned Croatia on more than one occasion. If we travel light and only bring a HT, what are the chances of activating summits there on VHF only? I’ve had a look at some summits, and they all appear to have HF activations only, so I’m not too hopeful. Also, does anyone know the covid situation there at the moment?

If HF is the only option, are there any particular problems travelling with SOTA equipment in the carry on luggage. I’m thinking pegs might be an issue. I use rock pegs are they are substantial. There’s a risk I might hijack the plane with one…

Colm - EI9KY

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There is a transport security section on here with items about people’s experiences taking radios etc. on planes.

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Try to announce your activation plane to 9A am. There are very acitve group of activators, that sure care about your activatons.

Hi Colm,

As Andy says, there is a lot of information on security and planes in here. Loose batteries and telescopic poles usually attract the most interest at security. On the subject of pegs, on my recent trip to IT9, I just brought the 4 nice gold square-section pegs that came with the DD superlight tarp (same as yours) and I taped them tightly together so that they wouldn’t look threatening on the x-ray machine!


No problem with radio equipment and batteries, BUT if you have a fibreglass pole (even the short travel type) you may experience some problems with that and the pegs. I was told that it was classed as sports equipment and wasn’t allowed as it could be used as a weapon !

73 Victor GI4ONL

Just put them in the check-in luggage. No issue at all.
But the respective thread here on the reflector has all the know-how. And check the airline info on permitted luggage. Usually Lithium batteries up to 100 Wh in hand luggage with taped off contacts. Radio also in hand luggage.

But VHF might be tricky in some areas. Go for HF.

73 Joe

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Yes, except it appears that they are only taking carry on luggage!

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In Croatia we use this freq on VHF/UHF for SOTA:


Try to post alert in advance, … if activating during the weekend You will have a good chance to make 4 contacts, … during the week HF is better option.

9A is EU member so You need only CEPT certificate. To bring the RIG and batteries in the plane check with your airplane company.

73 de Boris 9A2GA