SOTA VE2/ES-013 Orford

Nice comfortable weather during yesterday’s Sota on Mount Orford VE2/ES-013 847 m or 2779 ft good for 6 points. The hike to the top took an hour and by chance the summit wasn’t very crowded.

Propagation was rather bad… but i still manageed to get a few contacts and to my surprise even some DX with England,Northern Ireland and Spain !

Read all about it on my blog:
More photos here:

73 :wink:


Thanks for the contact Eric good to get you in the log again,I must admit with propagation as it is I was quite surprised and pleased to work you. 73 Till next time.Don G0RQL.

Hello Don,thanks for responding to my call. I also was very surprised to get a few stations from overseas.
Conditions were mediocre but it proves that it is always worth the try to go out and activate on a summit,you never know !


Tres belle place Eric … table a picnic … et le soleil était la ! :slight_smile: …si jamais tu as une adresse que je rentre dans mon GPS … !

Salut Jean,

Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford
4380, Chemin du Parc
Orford (Québec)
J1X 7N9

tous les détails ici:

73 VA2MO Eric :relaxed: