SOTA TV - New Video

Nice new SOTA video of Rafa EB2DJB’s first activation of a SOTA summit at Bizkaia, SOTA EA2/BI-012 Ganekogorta 998 metres posted on SOTA TV along with Rafa’s write up from his blog (in Spanish) and a Google translation to English.

A better translation is welcome, please post in comments if you can.

Rafa EB2DJB’s blog

Please note that although there are over 300 SOTA videos at SOTA TV it is a work in progress and only a few of the posts have additional information such as summit details, activation date and in some cases not even the call signs of the activators. If you know of activation reports and supplementary information, including links to personal web sites please let me know through the comments facility.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

In reply to GW7AAV:

Thank you Steve!

yes, it’s nice to share this with all you. Thank you for your blog…

This next weekend I’ll climb to another two peaks (one on saturday and the other on sunday). (see the alerts)

So… if you want a peak in Spain… stay tuned!!

73’s EB2DJB Rafa