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SOTA Trucks?

Hi all

Wondering what make of SOTA trucks might be out there in activator land? I drive a Skoda Yeti 4WD, which gets me to places in Australia, which weren’t on the mind of the European engineers. After seeing this monster truck at the summit of Mt Coree VK1/AC-023 yesterday, I now have great expectations for my next SOTA 4WD wagon.

In the picture an Australian made ‘OKA 4WD’ truck, huge!

73, Andrew VK1AD

Hi Andrew,
I once had an ex rental (Britz) Landcruiser troopcarrier LWB hi-top camping van, that would go anywhere you asked it and NO ONE argued with you when they saw it, but the OKA is even more of a monster!

Unfortunately I got rid of the Landy before I started SOTA!

73 Ed.

Probably a good time to remind everyone, particular newcomers to SOTA, that operation from a vehicle is not valid for SOTA activating.


The OKA is more often found in the outback. A bit cumbersome for mountain fire trails.
Buggers to do a tyre repair on

[quote=“VK3CAT, post:4, topic:13054”]Buggers to do a tyre repair on[/quote]Guess they assume there’ll always be three or four squaddies armed with six-foot tyre levers to assist…

This rig here gets me most places I can drive to before walking to the AZ.
700km per tank of fuel for those long trip SOTA weekends.
At least 10 litres per 100km not bad for a big vehicle .
Nice low down engine characteristics 3l diesel for low range 4 wheeling .
Great to fit lots of rigs in for the trip there and back .
Ian vk5cz …

For places where the roads are bit rougher and maybe some mild off-road work with 8.8 L/100km:

For places where the tarmac is smooth with the advantage of permanent 4wd and 5.9L/100km:

Reminds me of coming back from a summit in South Africa last year and seeing a bunch of armoured vehicles for sale just off the R21 near Johannesburg, including a Casspir (notorious from the apartheid era) and Ingwes. Looking below, you can pick one up for about $60,000 AUD, only 7000km on the clock, one previous owner, etc, etc:


VK2HRX on the track to Darkie Point, VK2/NT-003

photo VK2HRX on the track to Darkie Point.jpg

And of course we shouldn’t forget our seriously underpaid sherpas. She was at it again on Mt Banks,VK2/CT-032 again today.

Our SOTA Truck.
No, the concrete block does not represent the contents of the vehicle or the RF fields generated from the 5+ radios fitted.
Pic taken at the Emu Atomic Test site in VK5. Anne Beadell Hwy / Great Victoria Desert where the only summit, Vokes Hill appears to lack the required prominence!
AB Hwy 1400 kilometres Coober Pedy to Laverton.

Agreed, but even getting close to some Australian summits, to the start of the track, can be “challenging” to normal vehicles. That said it amazed me how many tracks I managed to get the low ground clearance Peugeot 308 estate car up - but it would have been way, way easier with the “troopie”!


My secret weapon in Arizona…don’t leave home without it!



Here’s my classic Mercedes convertible, that has provided transport to more than a few SOTA activations. For those SOTA activations that require a 350:1 crawl ratio and 16 gears!

Activating W4T/CA-001 - The Flag Pole with another Unimog owner and ham after a long and dusty day of playing on the trails.


A few years ago I tried to adapt my Unimog (1962) for 2m-Band contesting. In Austria we are lucky to be able to reach SOTA summit areas without an Unimog. I got mine just as a second hobby.

Peter, OE5AUL


Surely an Austrian would own a Pinzgauer and not a Unimog? :wink:

Hi Andy,

Pinzgauer is like Lederhosen. Not all Austrians wear Lederhosen.

73’s, Peter

Toyota Tacoma pickup - has four wheel drive - also has my HF mobile station with screwdriver antenna. Not for SOTA, where I will usually find trees around to get a wire antenna up in the air, but I have a bracket which I can drive over to insert the push-up fiberglass pole for mobile/portable work.

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Vladimir on a casual walk over Athens:

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Here is my SOTA transport deep in Mojave Desert at Castle Mountain National Monument.

Paul W6PNG