SOTA Trip in Snowdonia

Me and my dad Tom M1EYP will be in Snowdonia from Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September. Our main intention is to activate the SOTA summits there we had planned to do last summer, but couldn’t due to bad weather, energy levels and tiredness. These summits are:

Y Garn GW/NW-004
Elidir Fawr GW/NW-005
Moel Hebog GW/NW-014
Craig Cwm Silyn GW/NW-020
Trum y Ddysgl GW/NW-024
Moel-ddu GW/NW-045

Planing to do these as pairs of GW/NW-004 and GW/NW-005, GW/NW-014 and GW/NW-045, GW/NW-020 and GW/NW-024. This will take 3 out our days 5 days if have good weather and good energy levels and if successful, we and add on Rhinog Fawr GW/NW-023 and Moel Ysgyfarnogod GW/NW-038 both as one summit days. Alerts will be posted on SOTAwatch shortly with these summits.

I will be activating these summits on 2m FM with HF SSB as back-up on any summits where VHF is no good and my dad will probably be activating some summits on HF CW and other on 2m FM. Please listen out of us on the bands on call us if you can hear us.

The plan to activate the pair GW/NW-004 and GW/NW-005 as a circular walk starting at Idwal Cottage and up to Llyn Idwal and then the path directly from there to Y Garn GW/NW-004 and then along the ridge to Elidir Fawr GW/NW-005 and then descending back to Idwal Cottage via Y Llymllwyd and Mushroom Garden. Has anyone tried this circular route, it would help us a lot if anyone has as we are unsure if any part of it is very exposed and if this it the case, we need to avoid it.

We anyone like to join us for the Nantlle ridge pair (GW/NW-020 and GW/NW-024) as we plan to do this as a linear walk so would help if there was a car at both ends of the ridge?

Jimmy M0HGY

Woah hang on there! I might do that ridge pair NW-020/024 separately if that ridge is exposed, thank you very much! And NW-004/5 I was thinking of going the opposite way round ie ascending via the Mushroom Garden and aiming for 005 first.

Much to discuss. Contributions from the wider SOTA community welcomed - in fact actively sought.

Staying at YHA Snowdon Ranger. First time back there for a number of years.

Did you forget what Simon G4TJC mentioned to us when we did that GW/NW-022 and GW/NW-030 with him, he mentioned that the only exposed part of the ridge was that from Y Garn to GW/NW-024, but there is an alternative route to GW/NW-024 that avoids that part of the ridge and then he mentioned that the rest of the ridge is fine.[quote=“M1EYP, post:2, topic:14477”]

And NW-004/5 I was thinking of going the opposite way round ie ascending via the Mushroom Garden and aiming for 005 first.

We could do this the opposite way round, but I am sure Jerrone at Idwal Cottage YHA advised we we better to descend Mushroom Garden than ascend it and was better to ascend up Y Garn GW/NW-004 on the path directly from Llyn Idwal rather than descend that way, although there is always the option of descending Y Garn GW/NW-004 via Devils Kitchen.

Jimmy M0HGY

Yes I remember him saying that now.

I had to look up “Mushroom Garden” as although I am familiar with Craigiau Gleision I had never heard the name - I wonder when it came into use? As I remember Cragiau Gleision it is loose, heavily vegetated and inclined to get greasy in damp conditions. I would rather go up than down that type of terrain! Personally I would rather descend the path by the Devil’s Kitchen or better still do it all from Nant Peris!


Love to join up for the Nantlle ridge, always wanted to walk that ridge even in pre- radio days.
Little early for firm arrangements, pls let me know when you know !

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Cool, the more the merrier. Same goes for all our planned activations. Company is always welcome so anyone and everyone may invite themselves onto a joint activation. Jimmy will put the alerts on the SOTAwatch alerts page shortly, after we’ve had a look through and study of the maps and previous activation reports.

There is one tricky bit between the two summits. Somewhere around SH 5408 5137. Not particularly bad, but for a short distance a slip might be serious.

Please don’t put my dad off doing those pair in walk Gerald, you have probably put him off already with that comment :slight_smile:

Jimmy M0HGY

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He he… just saying like it is :slight_smile:

I was sauntering along and then suddenly just had to think a bit. Wasn’t bad, just stopped being “sauntering” terrain.

Yuk. No thanks.

If you don’t fancy that bit, Tom, an alternative pairing is Moel Hebog + Trum y Ddysgl. Do Moel Ddu and Craig Cwm Silyn separately.

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Jimmy showed me some pictures of the narrow part of the connecting ridge last night. Doesn’t look all that bad actually.

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Just tie yourself to Jimmy and shut your eyes :slight_smile:


Alerts are now on SOTAwatch for this Snowdonia trip. Our plans are below, these plans could change subject to weather and fitness levels. All times are in UTC:

28th August
Moel Hebog GW/NW-014
Moel-ddu GW/NW-045

29th August
Eilidir Fawr GW/NW-005
Y Garn GW/NW-004

30th August
Rhinog Fawr GW/NW-023

31st August
Trum y Ddysgl GW/NW-024
Craig Cwn Silyn GW/NW-020

1st September
Moel Ysgyfarnogod GW/NW-038

I plan to activate these SOTA summits on 2m fm with 20m ssb and 40m ssb as backup and my dad Tom M1EYP plans to activate these summits on either 40m cw or 20m cw, with the either 40m or 20m backup depending on with band he is using along with ssb backup on both bands and 2m fm backup as well. However on the day we activate GW/NW-005 and GW/NW-004 and likewise for the day we activate GW/NW-024 and GW/NW-020, both us will be activating these summits on 2m fm only with no backup.

Please listen out for the on the bands and work us.

We also plan to activate GW/NW-024 and GW/NW-020 as a linear walk over the Nantlle ridge, so would appreciate if a SOTA activator is willing to join us for these 2 summit so that we have a car at both ends of the walk.

Jimmy M0HGY

EDIT - Neil M0WBG said he was up for activating the Nantelle pair back in January and has now confirmed that he will be joining us, anyone else who wants to join us is welcome as well.

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Not long now until me and my dad Tom M1EYP will be in Snowdonia as this is only 1 week away now. The summits plans remain the same as alerts and my above post, but any summits plans could change if weather is bad or if our energy levels are low. Please listen for me next week on 2m fm and my dad on 60m cw and 20m cw and listen out of both of us on 2m fm when we are activating Eilidir Fawr GW/NW-005 and Y Garn GW/NW-004 and also the day we are activating Trum y Ddysgl GW/NW-024 and Craig Cwn Silyn GW/NW-020 as both of these days we will only be using hand held and rubber duck and we will only be carrying an MFD as back-up. I am aware that Neil M0WBG will be joining us when the do the linear walk on the Nantlle ridge (Trum y Ddysgl GW/NW-024 and Craig Cwn Silyn GW/NW-020), please can you confirm Neil if you will still be joining us for this walk or if you are no longer able to join us now? Also anyone else is welcome to join us for any SOTA activation, meal or drink.

Jimmy M0HGY

Mission failed already.

Not that a drive out to Snowdonia, a successful ascent and activation of Moel Hebog GW/NW-014, check in at Snowdon Ranger YHA and good food and amazing beer (Welsh Pale Ale) at the Cwellyn Arms can genuinely be classed as a “failure”.

But already we have been unable to realise Jimmy’s schedule. We were later than usual setting off, and I was really slow on the hills today. We descended to the saddle with Moel Ddu GW/NW-045 and it was already 5.30pm. Persisting with the second summit from that situation would have been ridiculous. So we scrapped it and went for a wash and some refreshments instead.

The responsibility for my lethargy lies with myself and my work schedule over the previous three days. Gigs in Manchester, Ayr and Blackpool, 560 miles of driving and less sleep than I’d like, plus a further 120 miles driving out here today, and the energy tank is on empty.

Anyway, I’m going to scoff this dinner down, sink another pint, and get to bed before 10pm, and hope M0HGY has a nice relaxing day planned for tomorrow.

EDIT: Eek - just looked at the Alerts…

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:grin: not sure I’d call it a relaxing stroll! However I’m sure you’ll enjoy it Tom. I always preferred the Glyders to the tourist magnet across the valley.
PS how long are you likely to be operating from 045 on Wednesday? I’m hoping to be on the air from CE-003 about 1230 on HF. Will hopefully improve on my zero contacts last attempt and would be good to catch you (phone only though I’m afraid - yet to make the plunge onto CW)

No idea to be honest. Depends what we set up, or if we decide just to do a low-effort 2m handheld activation (like we did today).

If the current wx forecast comes to fruition, that plan will be abandoned on Wednesday anyway.

BTW the Billingham gig isn’t happening. Next stop Glasgow on Saturday.