SOTA Trip I/F/EA/CT/EA/F/DL - watch out!

In reply to OE5RTP:
Hi Peter,

just a small note, correct prefix for Portugal (mainland) is CT7, no CT.

Best 73 uns fiel Spass.

Daví Quental

We just arrived in Portalegre and found a SOTA summit with a COTA/WCA counting Reference… HAPPY!

So, today at noon we will do a SOTA+COTA activation near Marvao:
SOTA: CT/AA-002 Serva do marvao
COTA: WCA CT-01174, COTA Castle Ref.PG-038, Convento nossa sr estrella
Operating mainly 14.285-ssb +/- qrm, alternate 40mtr 7.118-ssb +/-

For this activation we need at least 50 QSOs (!!), so please …

73 de OE5RTP

In reply to OE5RTP:

Peter, signing CT/OE5RTP is not correct and is invalid.

The correct call is CT7/OE5RTP.


Many thanks for all the chasers! We did 56 contacts from CT/AA-002 so we completed also the COTA / WCA activation!

In reply to MM0FMF:

The correct call is CT7/OE5RTP.

Thank you for the Information. In the CEPT Information for guests in CT there was written only to use CT as prefix on the mainland for CEPT 1 amateurs, only CEPT 2 and 4 have to use CUxx for region, so we used CT …

Anyway, we left CT already. Now we arrived in salamanca (EA).

73 de OE5RTP