Dear SOTA friends,

We just got back from our trip through Australia. In addition to visiting that huge and fantastic country, we have been able to enjoy the experience of doing SOTA activations from there. We have done SOTA activations on VK2-New South Wales, VK1-Capital Territory, VK3-Victoria, VK5-South Australia and VK8- Northern Territory. It has been a nice experience to transmit from there.

It is true that the conditions of propagation have not been good and we couldn’t log many contacts. But we’ve been able to make contacts with some of SOTA’s regular EA2 friends and it’s been very exciting. In addition we spoke with many colleagues from Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to this last trip, we already have 24 associations activated and we are very happy and wanting to continue traveling with the radio.

As a curiosity, we didn’t have any problem to bring back home the LiPo battery we purchased there. It travelled as of cabin luggage and passed 4 security controls and no one has seen nor pay any attention at all.

That has been our experience.

Thank you all for your contacts and for your follow up.

73 and see you soon


Congratulations Alberto and Iratxe for your succesful activation in VK.
I am glad your trip was fine and you enjoyed there.
Contrary to what I was expecting for your morning alerts (EU time) propagation between EU-VK was not open in 14 MHz but in 7 MHz instead. What a surprise.
I tried but I couldn’t make a qso with you. Anyway I enjoyed when hearing that some other EA2 chasers could greet and chat with you there.

What will be next? The world is turning small for you, avid explorers and mountain toppers!
I’ll look for your new expedition and in the mean time we can share some of our local summits in our land.

All the best and take care. 73 de Ignacio

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Thank you very much, Ignacio. Additionally, thanks to the radio we are meeting good friends. 73 :blush: