Sota tour

Hallo friends . Tomorrow , May,14th want to go on tour together with Al , DJ5AA , we will start early in the morning and hope on good weather . We will operate from 2 summits at the same time DM/SX-225 Kuppritzer Berg and DM/SX-226 Hochstein, we have a footpath from about 2 km , the summits are very close only 1500 meter distance between , and we hope to be on at 08:00 UTC , maybe we work later from DM/SX-031 Czorneboh or DM/SX-224 Döhlener Höhe.
73 de Bernd DL2DXA

In reply to DL2DXA:
Bernd - Look forward to working you both.

73 Glyn…GM4CFS