SOTA Tour Winterberg 10/11/12 may 2018

Thursday I leave for Brilon (just above Winterberg) to activate the mountains below.

Thursday on the way to the hotel:
DM / NW-206 6 points
DM / NW-265 4 points
DM / NW-215 4 points
DM / NW-225 4 points

DM / NW-194 6 points
DM / NW-191 6 points
DM / NW-192 6 points
DM / NW-189 6 points
DM / NW-193 6 points

And on the return way to home Saturday:
DM / NW-187 8 points
DM / NW-263 8 points
DM / NW-026 8 points
DM / NW-185 8 points

I will use my home-made 20/30/40 meter trap EFHW SOTA antenna. Mast of ten meters or the shorter 4 meter rod.
TRX will be the MTR3B. The advantage of the MTR3B is that it is really super light. I want to use it for the first time this time. But I take the KX3 as a backup with me. You never know…

I will try to get out on all three bands to work as many stations as possible. And via SotaWatch I will place a spot when I am on the summit.
I will call CQ until I hear no stations calling me. Then I will QSY to another band.
Hope to work you.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

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Going for MG this tour. Good luck. Hans F/PB2T


Sorry Tonnie ! but today i’ve never heard you on the summits …
next time.
73 Roger / F5LKW

I hope so.

Vy bad propagation today. First summit was no problem, but the other two summits I called for 45 minutes and only 4 qso’s. Maybe tomorow better.

Hi Tonnie, I operated from FL/VL area. No complaints about conditions from my side: 27 QSO’s from first, 32 from second and 8 from third summit. Even 2 QSO’s with USA.

73, Hans F/PB2T

Today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday I had put up my EFHW horizontal at abt 3 meters above the ground. Today I had put up my EFHW like an inverted-V. About 7 meters above the ground.
I believe it was much better. After 15:00 there was a lot of static noise.

Yesterday I missed the last planned summit. Today all the planned summits where done. Tomorrow maybe an extra summit, because I missed one to become MG :smile:


Hoi Tonnie,

De Skip naar Sauerland is vanuit hier knudde!! Heb je gen enkele keer gehoord!
Good luck to become a MG

73, Sake


de condities waren wisselend. PA1BR gewerkt op één summit. Wel een prima tijd gehad. Nog geen MG met 999 punten. Volgende keer beter.

Propagation was not alway good. But I enjoined myself vy much. Still not a MG with 999 points. Next time better.
Thanks all chasers.

73, Tonnie


I have not been able to activate all four summits on the way up on Thursday. Some rain in the beginning. But later it became dry. The first two summits went reasonably well. But the conditions were or were getting worse. SP9AMH even reported on the sotawatch cluster “bands are dead”. At the last summit I had to CQ so often that I doubted my MTR3B. Later used the KX3, but that did not matter.
Friday activate all planned summits. The wx was also a lot better. Nice and sunny about 22 degrees.
Saturday on the way back again beautiful weather. Beautiful sunny and slightly warmer as Friday. In the last two summits I replaced the EFHW antenna for the 40 meter antenna. It did a lot better. At the RBN it was easy to see that this antenna scored a lot more dB’s. So the next time I go for the 40m vertical again. Maybe make or buy an EndFed 40/20/10 again. That is also a lot easier to build. Building the trap EFHW antenna takes a little longer and is not always easy.
Miscellaneous S2S worked. Walked about 50 / 60 km. Unfortunately not such nice views, because at the top it was usually just forest. The log has been entered and I am now at 999 points. Just no MG :frowning:
But most of all; it was a successful SOTA Tour.

Thanks all chasers and S2S.

73, de PA9CW.

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Thank you for sharing !

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