SOTA Tour Ireland dec 2018.

Last week I was in Ireland and activated 5 summits.
Monday it was Slievereagh. In nice sunny wx I went up the summit and made a lot of QSO’s on 40/20 meters, until there was no one calling.
Wednesday it was Knckmealdown and the Knocknafallia. Vy low clouds and not much to see on the summit. I made a lot of QSO’s on 40/20 meters. Until no one was calling.
Friday it was Cush. Started with a lot of wind. Up on the summit it was not easy. Vy strong winds and snow. My pole was blowing away. So I made only 12 QSO’s on 40 meter. My hands were frozen. Quick down and getting warm.
Sunday It was Slievecallan. An easy one with the XYL. Also al lot of wind, but sunny.
Made a lot of contacts ( 8 or 9 ) with K-stations.

Rig KX-1 - antenna HyEndFed 40/20/10 meters - 10 meter antenna fibre pole - 8 x AA Nicad’s.

Activated 5 Summits.
41 points with winterbonus.
96 QSO’s.
14 hours and 48 km walking.

Thanks all chasers. 73 Tonnie de PA9CW.


Hi Tonnie
Was a pleasure to work you :wink: Many thank’s for your trips and new SOTA Summits

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Wow, great video. I leave in about 2 weeks…

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Nice video Tonnie! Bedankt voor de QSO’s!


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Hi Tonnie,

Excellent video and I enjoyed your accompanying music choices :-). I managed to chase you on 4 of the 5 summits, alas I was out on the 3rd Dec, your 1st summit. Your KX1 plus end fed antenna was putting out some good signals.

Thanks and 73,
Andrew G4AFI

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Hi Tonnie,

enjoyed your video very much (and your older ones), if you over on the East Coast sometime and want some company on the Wicklow Hills or any local knowledge drop me a line.



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I hope the wx is better.

Good luck and enjoy your stay.


thanks for the compliment about my video’s. I spent some time on editing. :grinning: But I really enjoy it.

We are always once and sometimes twice a year in Ireland. So mabay we will meet in the future.
Thanks for the offer.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

HI Tonnie,

Great video as always. I especially liked Slievereagh and Cush. They are two of my favourites. Full marks for activating Cush in that weather - I saw your spot but was surprised that it was possible. It was a terrible day here in Galway.

73 John EI3KA

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