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SOTA Tour HB9/HB0 2017


here is a movie from my activation in march 2017. I activated:
24-03-2017: HB/AR-004 Kaienspitz.
24-03-2017: HB/AR-005 Horst bei Vogelisegg.
25-03-2017: HB/AI-001 Santis.
26-03-2017: HB0/LI-011 Helwangspitz.
I was with XYL, so not to many summits on one day :slight_smile:

Thanks all chasers.

73 Tonnie de PA9CW



Hoi Tonnie,
Weer een mooie documentatie van je activering in HB9 en HB0.
Nice movie!!!
Tks working me!

73, Sake