SOTA tour de SM6EQO/P

Hi all!

Tomorrow, Saturday 1st of August, I will embark on a seven day tour of West-Central part of Sweden entirely devoted to working SOTA:s. I will start with VD-003 around noon time and after that´s done, move over to make VD-002 the same evening. Many things can of course happen on the way (and God knows how many summits I really will manage to make!) but the plan is to work the following summits in this order:


You will find me almost exclusively on 10118 kHz.
Only if qrv in the very early morning or late evening I will switch to 7032.
Primary rig: ATS-3B.1
Backup rig: FT-817
Ant: End-Fed Half-Wave
I do not own any mobile telephone, thus I can not spot myself.

73 de
Håkan - SM6EQO/P

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Wish you good luck and fine weather on your tour, Håkan.

73! Jan OK1NF

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Thanks for good wishes Jan!
It seems that Monday might be a bit wet, but else the forecast looks fine… :slight_smile:


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This is really good news! The activity from Swedish summits has been almost negligible so far… I managed to make it to the top of the SM Honour Roll last week by working from only six summits - personally very satisfying, but not really an accomplishment to boast about :slight_smile:

SM0GNS/Peder and I will probably snatch the OR-001 and OR-002 prior to your activation (this weekend), but you will still be the first activator on most of the other virgin summits.

Good luck Håkan!

Anders SM0HPL

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Well Anders, and I who thought I would be the first on OR-001 and OR-002. I also see that OG-001 have been active. But if you do those two this weekend I might replace all those three summits on my tour with DA-024, DA-026 and DA-028 instead… :slight_smile:


Home again! The first thing i would like to do is to thank you all very much indeed for working me during my tour! It has been a true pleasure!

The tour resulted in 20 activated summits and 29 activator points!
I will put up a full account of it all (with many pictures) on my web page in a couple of days.

/Håkan - SM6EQO

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Many tnx for all the nice QSOs dr Hakan!
(sri I cant write the “° over a”…hi)
Hope to hear you soon when I am on SOTA.
Vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

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Thanks for all the new SM SOTA’s Hakan. A magnificent expedition.

10.118 MHz appears to be very quiet now that you have gone.


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Congratulations Håkan! I managed to take a screen dump - me in top - of the SM Activator Honour Roll before you submitted your logs. Looking forward to read the story on your web page…

Anders SM0HPL

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Hallo Hakan,
thank you very much for all the new summits and the points.
Sometimes the conditions are very bad, that your signal wasn´t possible to read.
Hopping for an other activation in the future.

“Frank” , DL2EF

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Congratulations and good work Håkan! I have checked your homepage with nice info and pictures from the summits. Looking forward for more activations of Summitsw from Sweden. I have new summits in SM/VL to be included in next update of the SM ARM, hopefully coming at the end of this year.

I myself have some loose plans later this year to activate two or three summits in the north of SM/DA, but this depends of my future workplans and free weekends in the calendar, will inform later.

73 / SM5KRI Chris

Thank you all for the nice words!


thanks for the activation report and the nice pictures …

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I missed this due to my work. How about using 20 m or 17 m? These bands might work better for ‘DX’ during day time. Interesting notes about the antenna during rain. I guess the Sarek National Park is one of the most challenging of the Nordic SOTA areas.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

The activator is KING Jaakko. (Sorry to hear you had to go to work!)

Hakan did a great job on 10 MHz and 7 MHz CW making many more than the average number of QSOs all around Europe on most of the summits. This was a notable feat as he only recently came into SOTA Activating, and he did this with very basic lightweight equipment.

As a result he is now the top activator in Sweden. Congratulations Hakan, I enjoyed the photos and report on your webpage.

Phil G4OBK