SOTA Tour Allgäu 07-Sep-09

Hi everybody,

many thanks to all chasers who called in yesterday. I left home for Austria at 4.15 in the morning and reached the small village of Hinterhornbach at 05.45 local time. I parked the car close to a bridge at 1120m asl and went off to Jochspitze, OE/TI-364, my first target, reaching the summit at 08.45.

After a successful activation I descended well 200 metres pathless through a steep grass trench, crossed the hillside and proceeded pathless to Rauheck, TI-294, then moved over and up to Kreuzeck, DL/AL-019. In the afternoon I re-ascended Rauheck from the German side to activate it as AL-020. I felt I was in an excellent shape and decided to try to complete the “full house” by reascending Jochspitze over a ridge exactly along the German/Austrian border. This turned out to be quite difficult on the final approach, I had to climb a very airy passage through steep grass mixed with small rocks and finally was relieved to touch the wooden cross on the summit.

I descended on the normal route to Hinterhornbach and reached the car shortly before 19.00 local time. After having done the logs at home I noticed I was quite exhausted, completely flattened to say it in other words :-). Not even the shower was helpful, I went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Certainly not possible as an everyday’s tour, but it was great fun.

73 Bernhard

In reply to DL4CW:

Congratulation Bernhard !
We are preparing such a tour like that with Gerald F6HBI for next year ! Fives sota summits over 2500 m ! We missed it last june, weather so bad ! so Next spring we gonna try it, about 25 km walking throught Mercantour !
Congratulation, it is so rare to contact DL summits.
best 73

In reply to F5HTR:

Many thanks Robert! It was a beautiful tour, two thirds of the time I’ve been way aside of crowded hiking tracks and I really enjoyed it. Due to the densely packed programme not too much time for the wonders of the nature though. A pity you had bad weather this June but I wish you both all the best for next year! Let’s hope for a good summer 2010!

73 Bernhard DL4CW