Sota tk korsica

Hi to you all,

Today i was on TK/TK-129 Punta di Meruliccia. This was the third summit i try those last days. This one was in a private zone, it is a kind of sanctuar opened for visitor.
So i decided to go up there and met no one on my way.
Unfortunately, in this moment in Korsica, we have thunder storms everyday located in moutains.
10 mn after the beginning of my radio trafic, i could listen the storm and the sky was already turning to the black color.
I thank Phil G4OBK to listen information i sent on air, and report it on cluster.
Sorry for chaser, i know that a lot of them was on the air, but i had to stop fast.

Just a message for Mariuz, I do not read the message on cluster so no need to give any info about wx in Korsica. Storm was developping in the land. When i arrive at the car, rain began to fall.

Days before, i try 2 others SOTA in the south tk-151 and 154. Both failed, i walk almost 10 km for the first one and 6 km for the second one. I never found a possible way to go until the summit ! Vegetation is so hostile that my legs were cut. I have to crawl more and more. So after two hours to look for a issue, i decided to go back. Thanks to gerald that try to help me with my aprs balise. Thank my GPS, cause in this vegetation, you cannot orientate.

As i was frustrated with sota in south of Corsica, i decided today to operate from the beach! I was on the Saint Amanza beachand I did 52 qso, and contact a japanese station with my 5 watt longo al mar !

Best regards to you all


Many thanks for my first SOTA TK Bob :wink:
Dommage pour les 2 autres tentatives infructueuses dues à l’accès impénétrable des sommets, cela me rappelle un stage commando à Bonifacio en 1987 :slight_smile: …
73 QRO Robert
A bientĂ´t

Bonjour Eric,
L’horreur les deux sommets ! il faut etre equipé de pantalon, manches longues et coupe coupe ! juste pour aller a 350 m !!! Par deux reprises j’étais pas loin du tout, mais juste impossible, il ne doit pas y avoir grand monde qui va là-haut !
Merci et au plaisir

Hi Robert,
it’s nice to hear that someone else also activated that (Punta di Meruliccia) – congrats!
To be honest I was really surprised about the sanctuary on the top of the hill but anyway it looks nice and peaceful place.
I agree with you, that surrounding summits are very hostile, even more, while I was visiting Corsica I noticed that SOTA summits with low altitudes all over the island could be a real challenge to activate. For example, to be on top of the TK/TK-141 I needed 40 minutes to beat 150 metres of horizontal distance through the shrubs. Not to mention about TK/TK-133 activation…
Report from my last visit of Corsica can be seen here.

Have fun!
Slavko, S53XX

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Bonjour Bob
La corse ça se gagne.
Hormis en Haute Corse, et encore c’était de ma faute, je me suis trompé de chemin, je n’ai eu aucune difficulté particulière à activer +10 sota.
Et je suis tout à fait d’accord concernant les “petits” sommets. Ils sont souvent plus difficile d’accès que les +3000. J’en fais l’expérience souvent sur le piedmont Pyrénéen.
Cordiales 73
André f5ukl

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