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SOTA Television

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the ‘Video’ link has returned to the SOTAwatch pages. This was originally removed when YouTube withdrew its Groups facility, rendering the link dead.

Now Steve GW7AAV has set up an excellent resource on his own webspace called ‘SOTA Television’. This effectively replace the old SOTA YouTube Group by providing a ‘one-stop’ portal via which to access all the (known) SOTA videos on YouTube.

The SOTA Management Team wishes to place on record its thanks to Richard G3CWI for setting-up and running the SOTA YouTube Group, and to Steve for providing the ‘SOTA Television’ website to take its place.

SOTA Television may be accessed by clicking on the ‘Video’ link above.


P.S. Steve - missed you last night in the 70cm contest. I called on SSB and FM but never heard you - you are normally the first to answer a call on 433.500 any time of day or night!

P.P.S. Steve - my son Liam has been eagerly contributing videos for your consideration. They are all lined up ready for you on your ‘Add Your SOTA Video Links’ page. They are slightly ‘odd’ - but reflect a keen interest of his - as you will see!

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom, I was otherwise occupied on Tuesday for the 70cm contest and likewise last night for the 80m SSB section of the club contest, so sorry I could not get to the radio to work you.

I have only found the time to watch a couple of Liam’s videos and there is a bit of an influx of new posts to do too, plus the catch up. Hopefully I will find time, before I am back in work Sunday, to sort things out. I may put a separate page up for Liam’s “Station Idents” and any other videos that are a bit different to the normal activation ones.

For anyone who has not seen SOTA TV, it is basically a video blog linking all the SOTA YouTube videos. The chances are if your SOTA video is on YouTube it is already on there. Use the search feature to find yours. There are well over 300 videos posted so far. I am in the process of adding extra information (Summit, comments, Logs) and tags and it will be a while before that is complete. If you have comments and/or links to photos or personal web pages please let me know by using the comments feature. If you have video you can post me the link on the ‘Add Your Links’ page comments will be deleted from this page when acted on but people can watch to your videos from this page in the meantime.

Loads of new videos uploaded to SOTA TV.

I had a little trouble with some of the videos hosted in places other than YouTube but I now have some of those working. From what I have read I should be able to embed videos most of the hosts. So far tested and working are Google video, Dailymotion, Vimeo and of course YouTube. So if it is out there we should be able to include it.

I have started a new section for short videos called Idents, Jingles and Ads. If the creative of you out there fancy a challenge (there is no prize) then a Station Ident or Jingle should be around 30 seconds max, ads may be a bit longer. Tom M1EYP’s son Liam has started the ball rolling with 14 shorts. Perhaps we could create shorts that could be used by other SOTA activators making there own activation videos.

Who knows one day we might stream the videos on line like a broadcast station?

Cue music. Fade to black!