SOTA Talk at Rally this weekend

Jack GM4COX is giving a talk on “Keeping Things Simple for SOTA” at the ASRA Braehead Rally this weekend.

I will be there as will Mickey YYY but I suspect that neither us will be able to attend Jack’s talk.


What is ASRA? Nowhere on their website is this abbreviation interpreted.

“Celtic Music Radio Live broadcast throughout the event.”
Oh my!!!

Walt (G3NYY)

ASRA = Association of Scottish Radio Amateurs (wild guess)


Should’ve gone to Specsavers Walt!

There will be a SOTA stand there with a limited range of merchandise.
Stop by for a chat, I might even be moderately sociable :heart_eyes:


M1EYP wrote:

Association Scottish Radio Amateurs

Never heard of it!

The search engine comes up with:

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA)


Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association

Walt (G3NYY)

It’s new-ish Walt.

Your original complaint was that it wasn’t possible to surf the ASRA website and find a definition for ASRA. I was simply demonstrating the inaccuracy of that claim, not the state of up-to-datedness of well-known search engines.

Context Tom… the rally site doesn’t explain what ASRA is. The ASRA site does.

OK fair enough. I didn’t really notice a great deal of separation between them myself.

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Furthermore, I was unable to find the ASRA web site. I still can’t! What is its URL and where is it referenced?

Walt (G3NYY)

That looks a lot posher than other rally venues! Nice.

Neither can I right now… There is a farcebork page.

This is the website for the event (which acording to this page already happened on May 7th ?).

Their (I think chainpoint hosted) web site appears to have issues as it asks for a logon password when you go to

73 Ed.

It’s really not. Please refer to the first post in the thread for accurate information.

Yes which is why I raised the fact that the Braehead arena site is saying it’s on May 7th.

AHA - another page on the SAME WEBSITE - here: says 20th. May.

They also have a one page info page here -

Braehead Arena really need to either correct or remove the page at - as that’s the one that google finds!

Well I Googled it and came up with the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, but then I’m dylsexic.

Ha ha! I am not a member of any social networking farce … nor will I ever be! They are nothing but trouble.

Walt (G3NYY)

Hmmm! I am old enough to remember the so-called “Radio Club of Scotland” which was set up in Glasgow in the early 1960s. It lasted for about 3 years before it collapsed.
Not unlike the “UK Radio Society” or something similar, which had an even shorter life-span.
Walt (G3NYY)

Yes, May 7th 2017. That was last year’s event. :-)))))

Walt (G3NYY)