SOTA SWL Awards arrived

Hello all
I Just got 2 SOTA Awards for my SWL achievements.
SOTA “Mountain Hunter” award , and the SOTA certificate for achievement of 500 points in the SWL Section.
Its my pleasure to participate in this SOTA project ! glad to take a part !
Now its time to work for the 1000 points!
Tnx and 73 all, good chasing!

de Eyran 4X4-2238.


Congratulations Eyran.

Sounds like you could claim the certificates for 100 points and 250 points as well!

Good listening.

Tom BRS180710

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Congratulations Eyran,

I have received some QSL cards from SWL stations during my activations. It is nice to know that you, radio listeners, pay attention to Sota activators.
Could you share what is your receiving station? It’s good to exchange working conditions.
Good luck and keep on doing so well! 73 de Ignacio

That’s interesting Ignacio. I’ve had many QSL cards from SWLs for my SOTA activations, and to each and every one of them I’ve replied with a QSL - and encouragement to register on the SOTA Database and participate in the SOTA SWL programme.

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Hello Ignacio
Working conditions here
Collins 51S1
Collins 51J4
Kenwood R-5000,R-2000
Antennas: Vertical 20m up the ground
Dipole for 80/40m bands
Eyran 4X4-2238

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Hi Eyran,

thanks for sharing. Nice group of receivers, the old Collins still working is a good stuff.
Hope you can catch many more activation.
Take care 73 de Ignacio

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GM all
Ive reached 704 points so far, now scored in the top 10 SWL category!
On my way to reach the 1000 points soon…
73 de
Eyran 4X4-2238

I just got the Shack sloth award today in my mailbox,
Tnx Barry and SOTA community for a great programming,
73 de Eyran 4X4-2238.