Sota (summits on the air) on Facebook

Sota is now on facebook, been up and running for a few months now, anyone is welcome to participate on any discussion,
follow the link below

or just type sota(summits on the air) in search engine on facebook.

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:

Because what we all need is another forum.


In reply to MM0FMF:
no not really its just that most of all people, are always on facebook, and can do all sorts at anytime,
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
Hi Steve,

What is facebook?


In reply to G3RMD:

Don’t know … it’s blocked here anyway.

73, Richard

Facebook is a website where you can find friends and chat to them. You can also upload photographs and videos on it. It also has groups you can join on it.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to G4ERP:
Facebook is whats termed as social networking, people chat and play games as well as join groups share pics+videos.

Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:
just got home and found that some not nice people have joined the group. and making things not nice to others, i have been informed that someone had uploaded some nasty photo’s, but facebook deleted them before i could, please keep this chat room simple as family members, young ladys and children visit this site,
yes i can delete posts aswell as members please be warned it might be you,
can i say welcome to those who have joined, the group has been active since januaray 2009, please tell friends and family about it,

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
Just to let you know i will be out walking on sunday 23/08/2009, me and my good lady will be doing winter hill (sp-010) in a circular walk, will be using hand-held on ruck sack. look forward to catching you on the 145mhz band
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
It’s done, i’m facebook now: Roger Duc = F5LKW
73 qro

In reply to F5LKW:
just to let you know that facebook/sota now has 62 members, please encourage more friends to join the group.
Steve m0sgb