SOTA Summits in Google Earth

In reply to DK1ROB: UK summits are already done - No doubt someone can point you to the file

My Google Earth file is in the “Files” section of the old Yahoo group. Is there anywhere better for it?

Unfortunately it’s a bit out of date and doesn’t include the OK association. I have a version which does, and I’ll send it to anybody who wants it, but I’d rather not publish it because a bug in a library I’m using has caused corruption of the Czech names. I’m trying to come up with a workaround for the bug.

The file is autogenerated from the database and has ALL summits, arranged in folders by association and region. Deleted summits are included in a separate folder, not displayed by default.

I have sorted out the character code problems and uploaded an up to date version of my Google Earth KML file. You will find it in the Files section of the “Summits” Yahoo group, filed as “summits.kml” under “Maps”. I believe this contains all SOTA summits, both current and deleted. Obviously the positions are only as good as the raw data in the database, so in many cases they will be a bit off if you zoom in close. All feedback welcome (my Email address is on