SOTA spotter

How do I get registered to use the sms spotting? is a good place to start.

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Thanks, I tried last week but didn’t get a response. I didn’t have Andy’s correct email address. Thanks again.

It’s in the SMS guide

There was a mail sent to the wrong address on 7-sep. And one to the correct address at at 1252 today. At that time I was 200miles South of home and up a summit. I’m back now and there are about 255 mails to review… many are from and get filed away, yours has SMS in the title so ended up in the place I check often. I left home for the LD event at 635Z on 11-sep and now 1630Z 12-sep there are 8 requests in front of yours!

As I have said many times, mails to here (reflector PM) or the wrong email address are copied to /dev/null. That’s simply because the address is in the guide so contact to the wrong address implies the guide has not been read. From experience, enabling people who didn’t send to the correct address usually (not always) results in follow up messages like “what’s the phone number?” or “how do I get rid of the /P on my call?”, questions answered in the guide, so for expediency wrong address == no reply.

You may think that ignoring rather than replying is harsh. My reply is ain’t life a bitch.

The outstanding requests should be processed tonight.

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