SOTA Spotter vs Rucksack Radio Tool?

The Android apps Rucksack Radio Tool and SOTA Spotter seem to have very similar capabilities. Is there any reason to prefer one over the other, based on user experience in the field? My main interest is spot display and quickly sending self spots from a summit.

Tnx/73, Barry N1EU

RRT can spot and display for the GMA system as well as SOTA. SOTA cannot.

RRT shows a compass and the distance to the nearest SOTA summits, the first of which it can auto insert for you in your spot entry. SOTA Spotter has a function in a menu to list local summits but it’s not simply shown on the main screen as it is with RRT.

RRT has the ability to read out the new incoming spots to you so you know without having to look at the screen.

RRT and SOTA Spotter display posted spots. Both can filter which spots are displayed. I find the displayed spots easier to read from SOTA Spotter on a phone’s screen, especially in sunlight.

Which do I use the most? RRT. Why - because I am used to it and it ws around before SOTA Spotter.


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If you want to send quick spots from summits use Rucksack. The spot function is on the main screen. With sota spotter you have to go into the menu to get to the spot screen. Also, rucksack will auto populate the summit info for you (auto populates the closest summit as long as you have cell reception )
Sota spotter shows more spots on the main screen. Also shows the points for the summit.
Put both on your phone and see which one you like better. I have both. I use Rucksack the most .


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I have been working on an Android logging app for a while now and about a year ago I added SOTA spot functionality to it.

I’ve written it primarily for my own use here in VK and it also includes the VK and ZL components of the WWFF award.

When Internet access is available it is very easy to SOTA ‘self spot’ as all the info required for the spot is taken from the Activation settings and the logging page.

Logging previously spotted activations is also quite simple.

More info is available at

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I have found RRT very slow in sending spots and in weak mobile phone coverage areas subject to lockups.

Sota Spotter is generally faster in sending spots. Also suffers from “freezes” in very weak signal areas.

In strong sunlight S. Spotter is easier to see.

Is there any way to get VK3ZPF Portable Logger quickly? I requested to join the Yahoo Group but no idea how long that can take.

73, Barry N1EU

Less than 1 minute :slight_smile:

But only because I am at the PC not on a summit.

Thanks, installed!

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