SOTA spotter App on new mobile device not working...any clue?

Hello world!

After upgrading to a new android mobile device and installing the most recent version 2.8.625 of “SOTA spotter” a friend is facing the following: All of his activations prior to 2022 are visible, the ones dated 2022, 2023 and 2024 are not. We have checked if there might be an issue with credential on but there isn’t… Summit checks via internet access to or showed that the DB is performing properly, so the problem has to do with “SOTA spotter” itself, I suppose.

NB: The feature “sending spot” via “SOTA spotter” is working properly… any clue?

vy73/55, Tom

I don’t understand this sentence. SOTA Spotter does not show any of the own activations? There is no feature in the app that does that.
It is for spots and alerts only.

I think it might be that your friend has two accounts on SOTA. Do all activation show up when looking at / sotadata ?
My guess would be that he has created two accounts. Andy MM0FMF can merge them if requested.

And SOTA Spotter is not developed anymore unfortunatly.
You might want to try “SOTA activator

73 Joe

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I have that version running. How do you search for your own activations in the past?
I’ve not used that feature so can’t do a comparison for you.

ISTR the app is no longer supported.


Joe beat me to it…

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To give you an impression on what is not working properly I have attached two pictures. One is a screenshot of SOTA spotter the other one a DB access as shown in SOTL.AS.

Although DL2FAZ/p was on the summit twice since Jul 23, 2021, this is not shown in SOTA spotter.

Last activation is pulled from the summits.csv file and not from the database. There is no full history in the app.
So ignore this info.

The update function in SOTA Spotter is not working anymore. That also means that new or inactive summits are shown incorrectly.
Unfortunatly time to move on to another app.


Thanks Joe, I did not know that…was just asking for a friend :wink:
As I have been told, the second mobile that has not been replaced does show current data… funny though…
Anyway… I will inform him… thanks for your qucik reply. vy73/55, Tom

If the data is obtained from a local copy of summitslist.csv then one phone has a later version of this file than the other. You really should switch to using a later and supported app if you must use an app.

Or maybe just use SOTAwatch on your phone’s browser as it is always up to date.

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I am not aware that it can load from a local summitlist.csv. It downloads via a Playstore service. And that is stopped as it looks like.
Unfortunately Bogdans health does not allow him to support the app anymore. I wish him all the best.

Yes, Andy…that´s what came up to our mind as well… He ist concidering installing “SOTA activator” instead… Tnx, Tom

Sorry to hear that. All the best Bogdan.

This app is my absolute favorite and have been using it for years.
All the best, Bogdan!
73 Chris

My copy of SOTA Spotter does show the most recent activation for that summit. Although I have gone over to using Sotawatch on the browser I still have the app on the phone and it does update the summit database every so often.

Sorry to hear that … I wish him all the best! I love this app, very bad news that SOTA Spotter will not be supported in the future. The app SOTA Activator is still far away from being an equivalent replacement …
73 Martin

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May I add my voice to those others who are wishing Bogdan all the best in his difficult time. My version of his excellent app is also no longer receiving updated lists of spots or alerts…

^^This. - as long as one has cell coverage.

True, Richard and funny to see different results :slight_smile:
In the meanwhile my friends decided to go for another SOTA App for android…
Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and expertise!