SOTA Spotter Android App - delay in filtered notification


Just wondered if anyone had experienced this or has any suggestions. I have a custom filter on SOTA Spotter Android Application so that I’m notified of local activators. It is set to read aloud. Recently there is a delay in this happening, sometimes up to 30 minutes, which clearly isn’t ideal if I’m not near a radio.

Regards, Mark.

Hi Mark,

That issue is most likely caused by the operating system suspending the app and/or network connections in order to reduce the power consumption. On OnePlus devices, for instance, there is a feature called Batery optimization. I’m not sure if it’s the same on all Android devices or if it’s OnePlus-specific, but most devices have something similar. Can you check if you have something like this and add an exception for SOTA Spotter?

Bogdan YO3SAW

I did this on my phone, it was on the recommended setting, I’ll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the help :clap::clap:

That should do it. If not, yell at me here. :smile:

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