SOTA spots are beeing reposted to

I noticed that my SOTA spots and spots of many of my SOTA fellows are automatically published at :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Is this new feature of SOTAwatch and I have I missed something or it’s some external entity who is forwarding the spots :thinking: ?

73 de LB8CG


I run a POTA/SOTA specific cluster and peer with WA9PIE-2 at his request. There was an issue a week or so ago where the SPOTA spots were leaking out to the other cluster nodes from him, but I think that should be fixed. If it happens again, can you post a screenshot?

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I post a SOTA activator now & then on DXSCAPE. If I hear someone CQing and getting no answers. Hoping to get them some business.
I think those posts get propagated through the whole DX packetcluster network.
John, K6YK


Is this new feature of SOTAwatch

Probably not. Every now and then some bloke come not caring or not knowing what they do and forward SW spots to DXC. This is rather annoying, as self-spotting is absolutely ok on SW, but it’s not on the clusters and callsigns may get blocked for perpetual self-spotting.


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It has begun at about 11th of September and continued until Saturday 17th of September. And is probably still active… :dizzy_face:

The comment are like <ssb> OE/SB-271 Lidaunberg, 1237m, 4 pts
So mode and the summit details. Someone was scripting something to create this output. That is not just a redirect I guess.

Maybe Andy can identify the connected user @MM0FMF in his SOTA Cluster?

73 Joe

Forgive me because I’m getting old…

What is the problem with SOTA spots ending up on here?
Is this site then feeding other sites like the main DX cluster network?
Is it just an aggregator of DX cluster, SOTAwatch and other sites?

I’ve looked and it is probably taking the raw feed and then doing what it wants on that data. The raw feed is available for read access without logging in.


There is no problem with SOTA spots being posted on the public clusters. This issue is that selfspotting is as mentioned not welcomed there.

Some cluster systems (or sysops) might ban users (callsign) because of excessive selfspotting as mentioned by Pom. This can easily happen by RBN SOTA spots or so too.

Ah, OK now I understand why it can be unwelcome. Do we know if it is feeding anything else?

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Maybe LB8CG (or anybode else who has been DXC-spotted) could contact the webmaster and ask what the source of the spot was?


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These will be from DX cluster no?

IW2OEV 7167.0 OM/SQ9MDF/P 07:15 18 Sep SOTA OM/ZA-014 Slovak Republic

ON8LX 7167.0 OM/SQ9MDF/P 07:14 18 Sep sota om/za-14 Slovak Republic

SP9CQ 7167.0 OM/SQ9MDF/P 07:11 18 Sep sota om/za-14 Slovak Republic

EDIT: yes, confirmed from DX cluster network.

Hi, Andy.

As far as I know, doesn’t take the spots itself, someone are supposably actively pushing them.

I can see some potential issues with it:

  1. Mentioned above selfspotting issue.
  2. SOTA comunity has own spotting culture, like it’s ok to self-spot multiple times and frequently change the bands, sotawatch is also used for bit of social interaction e.g. I would never post something like “QRT due to bear on the summit” on common cluster.
  3. SOTAwatch is also a way to give a priority to SOTA chasers. I checked dxsummit because my recent sota spots started to bring a lot on non-SOTA related OMs to my frequency. I personally prioritising dedicated SOTA chasers and in this case they have to compete with people non-related to program.
  4. Forwarding VHF/UHF SOTA spots to dxsummit is pure littering. I don’t think it makes any sense at all.
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I put the test spot today, and it was not forwarded. So something has changed.

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Fine business, but in the case I observed all spots were forwarded blindly.

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While self-spotting of a contest station is normally a “no-no” I have not seen anywhere that self-spotting is not allowed on the various DX-Cluster sites. Indeed DXpeditions are often requested to do so - so that those wanting to contact them will know what frequency they are on.
I see a similarity with activators in the various portable radio award schemes (albeit with a lower number of people looking for them).
I suppose the majority of portable radio award schemes have their own spotting sites and one could say spotting to the DX Cluster as well as (e.g.) SotaWatch could be wasting resources but as stated above there can be times when an activator is simply not getting the needed 4 contacts and adding a spot on a DXCluster could bring that forth needed contact.

It appears from what has been said, that the automatic spotting of all SW spots to the DX Cluster has now stopped - that could annoy the cluster operators due to the volume.

73 Ed.


Good to see that it stopped