Sota spot 3

Not sure whats going on.
No getting anything on Sota watch 3 spot bit, rest of it is ok.

Currently using the sota watch via the mobile that voice bit is neat

2E0FEH Karl

Its back thank you

I don’t want to rain on your parade but nobody has done anything yet.


its working now so musta fixed its self :slight_smile:

And its gone again had to spot via me phone apt for GM4MD/P

It’s a congestion issue. It comes and goes.

I do a Windows refresh F5 key and SOTA 3 comes back.

It seems there may be a similar problem on the reflector page ( on first access I get the “other SOTA sites” bar across the top but no content below it. A simple browser refresh (not a clear cache operation) and all is OK. This appeared to have started yesterday and I has repeated itself multiple times during today.

73 Ed.

Sadly, this may work sometimes but will only increase the congestion for all people.

It will happen regardless. Whenever our site or search engine gets slow, requests double because people reload the page. Except the most recent site slowdown, when traffic switched to the mobile app. That has more expensive searches, sigh.


This has been an ongoing issue. I HIGHLY recommend you install the HamAlert app on your mobile device and use it.

You can set it up to alert when specific associations and/or call signs are spotted. It has been 100% reliable for me, even when the sotawatch page will not load any spots.

-Josh WU7H

Did something go south? I have not had anything but a blank screen for Spots but the reflector comes thru fine as does the Alerts.

Jack .

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It’s an intermittent issue that has been affecting many users. The services are running, but are sometimes overloaded resulting in a blank page. Sometimes doing a browser refresh will get you data, but as Andy said this also creates additional load on the services.

Running the F12 network analysis:

The API call times out with error 500 (Internal server error) after about 30 seconds.

Things improve a bit if I change settings to “last 50” spots instead of last 24 hours.

Yes… meanwhile it is loading up fine here in Seattle at the moment. That’s why it’s “an intermittent issue” =)

I’m sure the team will improve the situation when they can. In the meantime, HamAlert is the best option in my opinion.

If everyone set last 10 for now it would probably help.

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Maybe @VK3ARR Andrew could push a release that sets the default to ‘last 10’ to help ease the load?

Not working here. Off for a while now. Checking alerts on ham alert on my phone. Not getting anything on WATCH3. Maybe 2 is working.

I’m presuming you are talking about spots not alerts and being “alerted” to new spots?

If so as far as I can see it’s working fine here - it has to be a network / Internet problem.

Double checking that all spots are displayed:

So unless there were spots after 16:16 and before 18:10 - it all looks fine - here.

You could sit with your finger on the refresh button Ed and really push the load up if you tried harder.