SOTA-specific safety tip

I often go on single day or multi-day hikes on my own; I usually keep my wife informed of where I parked, and what my intentions are (overnight spot, summits, route etc.). I keep her informed during my trip of my whereabouts, depending on network coverage conditions.

What I have also done is set an appropriate trigger on HamAlert ( - thanks @HB9DQM!), so she does get an email each time I get spotted on a summit. This way, in case something goes wrong, she has some information about specific summits I was at a specific time.

Of course this is no replacement for your usual safety device (phone, PLB etc.) but it comes for free and takes literally no effort to setup. In case you don’t check-in back home, it can be crucial information for emergency services if they go out looking for you. It even works when your phone is out of order (lost, broken, empty battery) as you can get spotted by chasers or via RBNhole (I would still continue my trip without a working phone).

You can set 2 email addresses on HamAlert; a main and secondary. I also like to get an email when I get spotted; that sometimes helps with logging at home.