Sound familliar? Maybe Ivor came across an activator at some time - or was one himself :wink:


Wonderful stuff, the man was a genius. Is that real morse he’s singing? - I don’t have a clue myself…

Yes. Singing it “straight key style” - “HERE I AM”.

Damn, the battery’s gone!


oh dear… it is funny though…

well, better than the fellows on the tower with the unresolved melodies ending in the minor seventh… leaving you in suspense…

Surely that’s a sus4 not a m7? Anyway in your context you must mean a dominant seventh, not a minor seventh.

I challenge anyone to surpass this level of pedantry today.

To be honest Tom, I don’t know what I’m talking about. My father used to talk about such things and I never learned enough theory to know what it was about. It is a seventh though, I’m pretty sure, whatever chord normally resolves into the major key of the signature. (edit: I am probably [edit: definitely] wrong.)

I assume you know the video clip I’m referring to though. People standing at various points up a very tall tower, dressed in dinner suits or such, singing a song like “why don’t you join us on the airwaves”. Would be findable on youtube. But in my opinion, an awful tune.

There you go, is that pedantic enough?

Thanks for that I’d never heard of Ivor Cutler but you spawned a most interesting trawl of YouTube :slight_smile:

I think you may have discovered the world’s most unlikely earworm :-s

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Priceless! :clap::fu: …especially his last line “damn the battery is gone” …can’t tell you how many times I’ve said those exact words with a cold bum and numb fingers! :joy:

73, Steve/wGOAT


There was a programme on BBC Radio 4 about Ivor Cutler a few months ago. I’d heard his morse song but was driving at the time and couldn’t decode it. He was in the RAF and for a while at least was a radio operator.


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