SOTA Slovenia

On this day, three years ago, 15/06/2008, was activated SOTA Slovenia.
Thanks to all who deserve credit for the successful start of this project.
All activators and hunters want a lot of beautiful moments SOTA activities.

73 de S58R - Rado

In reply to S58R:
Congratulations, Rado! Your association is wery active! Thanks for all members of your SOTA community for the professional activations documented with nice photos and videos, the nice catrographical application, the lot of new unique summits and chaser points!
I hope that your initiative would propagate towards East soon… There’s a large white patch on our SOTA map even if they have a chaser ranked 4th on the international toplist and also hundreds of summits suspectedly qualifiying as individual summit… but no association… Even the country next to the East, E7, already has its own one. :slight_smile:
I worked there (as an interpreter) and I spent my summer holiday too there, so I visited the country 5 times last year but there was no chance for a valid SOTA activation… :frowning:
Is there any hope, Ozren?

73: Jóska, HA5CW/M0HAA

In reply to S58R:

Happy birthday to S5 SOTA Slovenia !
2 years ago, I could see how active was your association in Friedrischaffen, your booth was very nice.

73 Alain F6ENO

Happy Birthday S5 SOTA.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to HA5CW:Any info about E7 SOTA you can ask via contact form.

S5 SOTA happy bday, and thanks for support, 73!!!