SOTA Slovenia

Before us is the first anniversary of successful work Sota Slovenia (15. June 2009).

It was previously 64 activators successfully performed over 1000 activations, which are activated over 240 summits and activated over 5000 points.

Association Manager : S58R – Rado

In reply to S58R:
Congratulations on Slovenia’s first anniversary next month. That is a lot of activity for an association’s first year.

Well done!

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to S58R:
It is not only high level of activators doing fine job from the summits.
It is also a number of chasers paying attention to other activators. Anytime I go to activate a summit, there is always at least one and mostly more than one chaser from Slovenia calling.
I wish all slovenian friends good luck for the following years.
73 Ruda OK2QA