SOTA shopping site

Please note that I will not be able to process any orders placed on the shopping site (Awards and merchandise) after 5 May. Any orders placed after that date will not be actioned until 10 June.

Unless I fail to get to CT3 AGAIN!!!

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


Enjoy the break Barry - you deserve it!
73 Ed DD5LP.


Thanks Ed.
I tried to go to Madeira in February, flew around the island for an hour or two, diverted to Tenerife for the night then back to Edinburgh the next day.
Could the CT3 AM ask the wind/weather gods to be kind this time please!!


PLEASE READ THE ABOVE POST - I am still receiving orders and may not have time to deal with them

Is this surprising? There’s an online shop and it is open for business and inviting orders. There is nothing on the shop site itself which says that it’s actually a one man show and that you’re supposed to go and look at a completely different web site just in case there is a week old posting saying that orders will be delayed.

Even if somebody has seen the posting, they might just want to establish a place on the queue and be quite happy to wait. Your posting doesn’t actually ask people not to order.

If you don’t want orders, close the shop.


It is fine to place orders - if you are willing to accept the delay.
What is not OK is the constant enquiries of “I have paid but not received my order”

I will try to put something on the shopping site before I leave on a long delayed vacation

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I didn’t see a notification, however, I am happy to support SOTA, so enjoy your QRT and ship my merchandise when you can. Hopefully before my SOTA presentation to the ARRL Ham Expo in Massachusetts, USA late August.



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I have just returned from CT3 (8 June) and will handle the orders as promptly as possible.
It will take some days to catch-up