SOTA shop problems

The ongoing problems with PayPal purchases has finally beaten me!

I have installed Paypal Express as the ONLY method for payment - hopefully this is a temporary measure.

This means you:

  1. Must choose your country before checkout
  2. You cannot use bank transfer for payment (you can pay by Credit/Debit card on PayPal - you do not require an account)
  3. You cannot use Tracked Shipping (if you need this option check out as normal and email me and I will arrange an invoice for the extra cost - DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING at the checkout stage, you will crash your order but WILL be charged)

My apologies, but nobody can identify what is going wrong. I will try to sort this out but need to make sure I am notified of orders as they are placed.

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


Barry… saw this just after I ordered a 75K chaser certificate today, using paypal via credit card. Also, I used paypal five days ago to donate 100 GBP. Do I need to duplicate any of that?

Elliott, K6EL

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Your donation came through - you should have an acknowledgement from me in your inbox - and your order worked perfectly. Reverting to PayPal Express means the site works properly but does mean that the few folks who use Bank Transfer and / or like to track their parcels are severely inconvenienced.

Just for the record, trying to solve the problem has involved the ecommerce software designers, the website hosting company, Andy MM0FMF and Andrew VK3ARR - and severe damage to my stocks of gin! A solution will be found but not quickly.

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Hi as to my experience: if you want to make a payment without having a Paypal account Paypal will do so only if you create an account. That is forcing people into a Paypal account.
Under no. cirumstances I will create a Paypal account, I have done it in the past and experienced great difficulty to get rid of that acount.

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Not strictly true

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