SOTA Shop Orders

Can I please remind everyone about the standard terms and conditions for orders placed with the SOTA shop.

The time it takes from placing an order to send out your purchase varies.
We try to send Certificates and Merchandise within 10 days of orders, 
Trophies can take 28 days depending on the engraver's workload. 
Merchandise is usually despatched within 10 days. 
Holidays and personal workload may extend these times.

If you order something from us and have not received it within 5 days (including a weekend) and then send a sarcastic email enquiring why your order has not been received then don’t be surprised if you we treat your email with a modicum of disdain.

Thank you.


Are the patience challenged inquiries coming mostly for personalized items? I have no idea, but in general I will say that Andy left off the most important part of that notice - the one tagged on at the end:

“We are all volunteers so our personal commitments take priority over SOTA - please bear this in mind when ordering”.