SOTA Sherpa Award 2014

The SOTA MT has pleasure in announcing that the recipient of the 2014 Sherpa Award is Rob DM1CM in recognition of his contribution to the SOTA programme in 2014. Several candidates were considered by the MT for this award from the many that have made a significant contribution to SOTA during the past year and all contributions are greatly appreciated. However after much debate amongst the MT, Rob DM1CM was deemed to be the leading candidate.

This award is sponsored by SOTABEAMS ( ) and comes with a credit of £50 in the SOTABEAMS online shop. Please join us in congratulating Rob on the award and recognizing his contribution to SOTA. The Sherpa certificate designed by Barry GM4TOE will be sent to Rob following this announcement.

Mark, G0VOF


Congratulations Rob! Your SOTA Mapping Project is an excellent piece of work, and it keeps getting better all the time.


Eric KU6J

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Roger Roger Roger on what Eric said! The SOTA Mapping Project is where all my activations start and usually end as well with an uploaded track. Many an hour are spent daydreaming and searching for the next target on Rob’s site. Thank you for your hard work on such a great resource for SOTA!

73, pat - KI4SVM

Congratulations Rob!
The SOTA Mapping Project is an essential part of all of my activation preparations and I really appreciate it being there.
A well deserved award.


An excellent choice - well done Rob! Please drop me an email to and I will tell you how to claim your little “thank you” gift on behalf of SOTABEAMS.

73 Richard G3CWI


My congratulations Rob! Your significant contributions to the SOTA Mapping project is a real asset to the SOTA system and certainly has made the Activation challenge much easier. It wasn’t that long ago that we were “plugging lat/longs into Google Maps”! And as a testament, many Activators plan their trips around the use of your SOTAmaps solutions!

Well deserved Rob! And a hearty “Thanks!” to SOTABEAMS for sponsoring this award!

73, Guy N7UN
SOTA Sherpa 2013

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Congratulations Rob and thank you for your efforts.

73, Hans PB2T

Well, I must say I’m delighted to receive the 2014 Sherpa Award - delighted and very surprised! Thank you all for this, and for your support, encouragement and good wishes.

The MT seem to have had a hard time of it making their final decision, and considering that so many people have freely given so much of their time and energy this year to SOTA, I can imagine it was a tough call. So many thanks to the team.

Last, but not least, a big thank-you to Richard G3CWI for his very generous sponsorship, and for his unfailing support of the SOTA cause.

Here’s looking to 2015 in SOTA and beyond: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


Congrats Rob…you certainly deserve the award.

Your software is amazing stuff. I use it almost every day (I daydream about summits a lot here in Arizona). After I finish this post I am going to look for my next summit…you guess where!

tnx 4 all u do