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SOTA-S5 Activity Weekend

1st SOTA Slovenia Winter Activity Weekend
well be 6/7/8. february 2009.


73 de S58R - Rado

In reply to S58R:
I look forward to the event and hope to work many stations possibly s2s, thanks Rado for informing us. Sean M0GIA

I’m also looking forward to the weekend. Hope they’ll be some SSB activations I can work and possibly work them s2s.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:
There should be plenty of SSB S2S Jimmy, once they see your spot they will want to work you. No doubt over the 3 days me you and your dad will end up on the same summit so plenty to go at between all the gear we will have, if its not raining i might have a new ariel to test. Sean M0GIA