SOTA room in Peanut

I think my message got lost between all the yes/no discussions of what you still can do, so I’ll repost it here in the correct category, and expand a little on the functionality of Peanut.

On my request, David, PA7LIM, was so kind to make a brand new “room” in his Peanut application, simply called “SOTA”.

Why another system you may ask ? … In my opinion, it is much simpler to use and understand than any of the three digital modes (DMR, DSTAR , YSF).
Yes, it requires to install a program on your PC, or an App on your Android phone.
But on the other hand, it uses no radio, and so there is nothing to program, and best of all it’s FREE, and also means you don’t need to buy a digital radio.

For some people (like myself), the use of any of the three digital systems is often complicated, needs the use of a repeater, which may not be in reach, or may be occupied with other (long winding) qso’s.
Of course, you can install your own hotspot, but again, this may be too complicated for some, and you still need a radio (or at least a “dongle” on your PC).

And when you use the hotspot way to connect to any of the reflectors … you are only doing the same thing as using Peanut, but still get only the “robot voice quality” of the digital systems.

[And just my personal opinion: I do have several rigs, 5 to be precise, for the three digital modes, and to be honest , I don’t really like the sound of any of them !
I would consider C4FM in WIDE mode acceptable, but then, that is not used on repeaters … ]

Now more about Peanut, here a picture of the newest version for PC (Windows)

And this is the Android version

The SOTA room is just an internet chatroom, like you would use Skype or Zello, only difference is that Peanut is strictly a HAM application.
Using a “room”, you are not connected to any radio system, so you need internet or 4G to use it, but it will work on a summit as well as at home (if there is cell coverage of course).

For the specialists (not me !)

Those that want to use more functionality of Peanut : it contains several reflectors, connected to DSTAR and DMR, which give access to repeaters etc, without even owning any digital radio.
Unfortunately, Peanut does not connect to any of the three SOTA reflectors (yet), like TG973 , DCS033S, etc …). Maybe something for the future, with a bridge between all three systems? Someone will need to make available a “transcoder” server for that to happen. Oops, there it gets complicated again … see what I mean ?

So for simplicity : there is no need to use or understand the above to use the SOTA room.

Peanut works as a Windows Application, or as an Android app (no Apple, sorry).
Layout is very simple, no manual needed to get started.
The only strange thing may be finding the PTT in the Windows version : it’s the big button under the S-meter.
In the Android app you can’t miss it, the PTT fills half of your screen, hi.

A new feature in the latest Windows version is the SCAN panel (see picture above).
It lets you monitor several rooms at the same time, e.g. the SOTA room and the Belgian DSTAR/DMR network on XRF011B.

All info is here :
Look for the “Access” paragraph, you must request a code (once) to use Peanut.
Look for the “Software” paragraph to download the Android app or Windows application (I use both, on PC, Tablet and Phone).

There is also a “dashboard” to see who is doing what
You don’t need the dashboard to use Peanut.
I have asked David to implement a “connected list” or a button, so we don’t have to go to the dashboard to see who’s online.

I have already met some SOTA friends in the SOTA room, from ON, EA, CT, YO, F … and one activator on a summit in HB.

Great to hear their voices in HD quality !



Luc & Ignacio.
I listen you very well but here not any computer microphone.
73 QRO

Hi Roger, strange … because I did hear you talking !
If you are on a laptop, there is a microphone built in …

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Ok, mon ami! pleased to see you in the list this morning.

Hope you can find a micro or even connect the one from your TRX, hi!

Nice way to chat with friends using Peanut, thanks Luc for the nice idea; HQ voice quality!

73 de Ignacio

Ps: don’t forget you are time limited in your PTT (up to 3 minutes each time you hold the key…)

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I want to try this Peanut app on my smartphone.
I sent my code request and withing 5-10 minutes i got an email from the Peanut team with my code.
Now I need to know what is the right link I need to click on in order to get the APP installed on my Android smartphone. There’s too much written on the page peanut – David PA7LIM and I can’t clearly find which is the right link for me to clic on in order to install the app.
I tried this one:

Android :

but it turned that this link was intended to become a tester of future sotware updates.
I just want to start using the current software.
Can you give me some help and post here the right link to install the app on my Android smartphone? or should I get it from the Play Store?
Thank you!



Hi Guru,

Yes you have to search the “peanut ham radio app” in the play store, and install it. I made this yesterday and now it works.

73 Laurent

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Hi Guru

it is the correct link, the app is still being developed , so that is why the notice.
It is up to us to test it, and make sugestions for improvement, hi.


Windows version works perfect. The scan thing is real handy Luc

I’m waiting for my code…

works great indeed, listening to EA4M, EA2BD, EA2IF on the sota reflector (or how do you call it ? )
Sound seems to be a bit down, need to put volume to full for some stations. Probably EA4M is not modulating enough.
Tnx for sharing, seems to be fun !!


Waiting for the code too…

73 Angel

Users of Peanut which don’t show the name may change “alias” on the DMR website.

Not sure but worth trying.

It was great to chat with so many well known SOTA friends.
Thanks, Luc, for letting us know about this app.
For future colleagues joining in, you’ll have to select Country: ALL, then the Room SOTA and that’s it.
If you don’t want to have to keep pushing PTT all the time while you are talking, all you need to do is unticking the Hold to talk box in the configuration page. Then validate.



This afternoon, several SOTA friends showed up in Peanut, great !
But most of them showed no NAME on screen.

In the Windows version of Peanut, in “Setup”, there are links to websites for registering for DMR and DSTAR. I don’t see those links in the Android app, so here they are :

There is no need to do this registration for using Peanut, but it would help to show your name on screen.
It’s not a big problem, since most of us know each other from … well you know, the times when we could still activate a summit !
(I sincerely hope we can leave this nightmare behind us as soon as possible … )

I’ll ask David PA7LIM how the name thing really works, and if there is another solution.

David is also working on a “background mode” for the Android app, because as it is now, the app has to be “in focus”, or you are disconnected.
So it can not work at the same time as e.g. Sota Spotter, while on a summit.

73, Luc ON7DQ

No reply on the name issue yet, but I got a tip from David about using two apps in split screen. Should work in all Android versions from 6 upward.

Just two examples,

Peanut + Dashboard

Peanut + Sota Spotter

And if you click the small line in the middle, three more options pop up

First one is for making a shortcut on your start screen, so next time you want to use the same apps in split, just click the shortcut.
The middle icon is for swapping the apps.
The bottom one is for ending the split mode.

If you have never used this split mode, there are videos on YouTube showing how to do it, look for one that uses your Android version.


Answer from David
The name comes from the DMR registration database.

Although there is no obligation to register with DMR or DSTAR to use the SOTA room, it is still interesting to do the registration, and explore the world of DMR and DSTAR.
With Peanut, it’s free, and since we have nothing better to do …

Luc, ON7DQ

I wonder whether we have to register D-Star to talk via Peanut on the D-Star reflectors ??
I did do the registry, awaiting answer from an admin on mail…


I wonder Luc if you or David know if it’s possible to implement a voice activated microphone into Peanut ?


To use DMR or DSTAR, you need to register on those systems.
But the good thing is you don’t need to buy a radio :wink:

I will ask David if VOX is possible … will be continued.


Cheers Luc :blush: