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SOTA Reports?

There used to be reports on SOTA activity on this link: http://www.moosedata.com/SOTA/AM_Reports/Latest/

However, I see it hasn’t been updated in a while. Is this something that will be updated going forward?

Dean ~ K2JB

The hosting company we use for the database web app and database engine was bought by another company last June. Despite promising “no changes” to the service they starting making changes within 3 weeks of taking over. That caused a load of extra hassle for me. Then last September, I noticed most of the automated tasks that do housekeeping jobs were no longer running. Again the new hosts had decided to disable this facility as part of their “no changes” take over. One was the reports page you mention.

None of us on the MT are happy with this and we have done work on where and what and how to migrate to a new hosting setup. We’re paid up till next Easter for the old database (www.sotadata.org.uk) so we have 5 months to get our stuff sorted and the migration is about to begin. Next Easter is when the old database will be retired.

I’ve done some association updates today and I will be running some AM reports and generating a new summitslist.csv later. They were normally run every 24hrs. But I have to do them manually so I’m not too fussed to do that all the time.

The migration will be transparent to users.