SOTA-Related Videos

SOTA can be a good way to get someone interested in ham radio. Last weekend I went walking with a sceptical friend and activated a summit. I made a short video suggesting how to use an opportunity like this to interest someone in amateur radio.

Coming soon: a video discussing the pros and cons of using public transport for SOTA.


Great stuff.
I for some reason have many hiking partners and I am always looking. Last December I took a pilot from where I work for an activation. We hit the top, him setting up his stove and me get ready to start. I ask is the frequency in use to hear “No it’s not Malen, I will spot you” from Walt NE4TN from Tennessee (about 1900 miles). That right there hooked him, no work needed by me.



Hate to be critical Richard, but you both sound like 1970s news reporters :joy:

Candid cut edit of you two talking about why someone should take up the hobby would seem
much more natural. This where the RSGB go wrong all the time with this sort of thing when they try and promote stuff. Keep it real :blush::smiley:



Richard: you may have to hire a youtuber to produce your next videos… :wink:



Hi Richard
LOL i have to forward this to my friends.
Very good instruction on how to handle them, thank you!


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I guess understanding irony comes with age! :rofl:


Ohh very clever :blush:

The RSGB are definitely NOT being ironic though !

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I agree of course Jonathan. My video was rather tongue-in cheek (there was much falling about laughing off-camera). But seriously, I’m new to being a “YouTube Sensation” so any tips will be most welcome. I’m trying to do something slightly different from most ham radio Vloggers (but then doesn’t everyone say that?).

Bear in mind I was brought up on a diet of 1960s-1970s “Look East” on the telly!

I’m aiming for the series after next for my appearance on Strictly.

Somehow that raised an image of you tap dancing in crampons!

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:rofl::rofl: Does that say more about you Brian or Richard ?!!

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That thought worried me at the time - specially since I imagined him in a gold suit… Imagine the state of the dance floor, though!

Thanks for all the feedback: it was most useful, think Alan Partridge, not Alan Whicker.

New video explores activating by bus.