SOTA Reflector emails are not configured correctly, gives SPAM warning.

Hi, I just registered and repeatedly got SPAM and PHISHING warnings like this:

The issue here is that the emails are sent from but is not set as permitted email sender for
You are missing the correct SFP email setting in the DNS configuration.

This is bad because the error is annoying on one hand. And on the other hand it’s also a security risk because you are teaching the board users to ignore this legitimate warning.

There must be some guide from discoursehosting or otherwise how to set up SFP with the DNS correctly! Can the board admin / domain owner / DNS admin please fix this error?

Thanks in advance!



Good spot. Our SPF records cover just about everything else, but this is the only non-self-hosted system and predates my involvement. I’ve added as per the discoursehosting kbase.


Thanks Andrew, SPF/SRS errors are tedious to cope with, depending on the individual Situation.
73, DIZ


Appreciate the fast response! I can confirm that the issue is resolved. Thank you very much! 73 OE1AKA